Specific Parenting Models

With many different parenting programs available and even more information available on the internet, the choices can become overwhelming. Evidence based or informed programs have similar elements including supporting relationships between parents and children, providing children with clear behavioural guidance, developmentally supportive environments and experiences. These components can be found within programs such as Triple P®, 1-2-3 Magic, Circle of SecurityTM and Marte Meo®, each with differing emphasis and delivery styles. These parenting models are made available on a family by family basis, so a tailored program is available for you and your child.

Circle of SecurityTM: Circle of Security is a research based model that looks at how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened. The model guides your understanding of your child’s relationship needs through use of a map.  It provides opportunities for understanding how to be emotionally available for your child.

Marte Meo®:  As an accredited Marte Meo Therapist I can assist you as you support your child’s social and emotional development. Through reviewing videos together, we can develop specific skills to connect with your child and understand their emotional world.  You can learn to provide structure and guidance from this point of connection.  Marte Meo is a worldwide program that when translated from Latin means “in your own strength”.


Triple P®: Triple P is a collection of evidence-based parenting programs that can give you simple and practical strategies to help build strong, healthy relationships, to confidently manage your child’s behaviour and prevent problems developing. 


1-2-3 Magic is a parenting program that focuses on 3 goals: stopping unwanted behaviour, encouraging good behaviour and strengthening your relationship with your child through emotion coaching.